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Takaki Hashimoto

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How to order STEP.1 Please send us email as described below.
C.your name
D.your address
E.your phone no.
F.your PayPal account email address

STEP.2 We send invoice and PayPal Money Request email for you.

STEP.3 You pay via PayPal Money Request email.

STEP.4 We confirm your payment advice,We make shipment.
(It takes 7-14days to the work creation.)

STEP.5 We send email TRAKING NO for you.
Price The works of "Wave","Wave2" and "Flowers" are the following prices now.

** Photo acrylic board **

A1 size( 594mm x 841mm ) : US$ 2,500

A2 size( 420mm x 594mm ) : US$ 1500

A3 size( 297mm x 420mm ) : US$ 600

The works of "Shangri-La" are the following prices now.

** Orginal print **

A3+ size( 329mm x 483mm ) : US$ 950

**Photo Collection**
A4size US$200 :(30Page 28works)

( There are some works that can be made by the A0 size. Please send us email , if you wanted to buy it. )

*A0 size( 841mm x 1189mm )
*There might be some differences in the size.

Edition About the works of "Wave","Wave2" and "Flowers"
100 piece limitation

( one title : Each size is totaled. )

About the works of "Shangri-La"
50 piece limitation

The signature of the edition number and the photographer is recorded on the back side of the work, and the sticker of "g'sgarden" is pasted.

Shipping Cost free
Payment Method You can pay via https://www.paypal.com/
Shipping Service We ship by Express Mail Service
Delivery Days It takes 7-14days to the work creation.

The date from shipment to the arrival is the following...

ASIA 2-4 days
Oceania 3-5days
North America 3-5days
Europe 5-7days
Shop Name g'sGarden
Sales Manager Izumi Akashiro
Address Matsubara3-27-35 Setagaya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
Contact US
Home Page Address http://gsgarden.com/

*** About Photo acrylic board...

The photo acrylic board is integration of the acrylic board in the photograph work with
a special adhesive putting on pressure.

It is strong in deterioration, and the treatment is easily a transparent
feeling and is beautiful indefinitely. It is the best for the interior.

Photo acrylic board example page