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Takaki Hashimoto

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Photographer Profile

-Takaki Hashimoto-
Born in Tatebayashi
Gunma - (Japan)
August, 26 - 1971

Lives and Work
in Tokyo (Japan)

Takaki Hashimoto's web site
* Online photograph book collection
* Takaki Hashimoto's gallery ( this site )
The sphere of endeavor is wide from the portrait to the scenery photograph in Japan.
The work of a rich emotion with which the life feeling overflows is skillful most.

Photograph exhibition of Foto premio by Konica Minolta "WAVE- Color of wave , Sound of wave -" done in the Shinjuku Konica Minolta plaza overflows in a transparent feeling and the life feeling, it is supported from a wide age group as a work that heals the mind, and it becomes a topic in August, 2005.

Foto premio of Photograph exhibition winning a prize of Konica Minolta

The 1st DOCKSON Howard semi-grand prize winning

The 34th APA(japan advertising photographers' association) public advertisement exhibition public and advertisement section encouragement prize winning

The 26th Shinpusha publication prize visual section encouragement prize winning

6th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition(Upstream People Gallery)

Charity exhibition 10 by photographers of photo volunteer Japan
at Tokyo Ginza Fuji photo salon

Article serial is started by "digital camera magazine" of Japan.

Art show "Small Rays of Hope and Fragments of a Larger Idea"
(The Rhonda Schaller Studio ,NY ,USA)

Charity exhibition 11 by photographers of photo volunteer Japan
at Tokyo Roppongi Fuji photo salon

2008 April 10 - 18
Photograph exhibition "Shangri-La" at Konica Minolta plaza Gallery A(Japan)

2008.April 24 - May 14
Art show "WHAT A DREAM"(SooSoo gallery, Tallinn, Estonia)

2008.June 16 -July 6 Art show "Ship of Fools - Ship of Hope, One World"(Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne Australia)

2008.August 2 - 10 Art show "Ship of Fools - Ship of Hope, One World"(Ballarat Australia)

Charity exhibition 12 by photographers of photo volunteer Japan
at Tokyo Roppongi Fuji photo salon

APA AWARD 2009 / Photograph work category prize winning

Sony World Photography Awards2009
Professional - Commercial - Fashion category 3rd Place.

an excellent printer, and a retoucher.
Forming is deep also in digital.

The technology is made the best use of, and the work in free Chemical and free water is produced from the viewpoint of the global environment.